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Intercultural Communication

As part of the One Europe: The Explorations of Intercultural Communication course this series is focused on the theory of moderation skills in a multicultural team.

Based on the theories of Erin Meyer, Edward T. Hall, Stella Ting-Toomey, Andy Molinsky, Confucius these instructional video present the following lectures: Working with multicultural crews, Communicating across cultures, The art of providing and receiving feedback, There is a good way to disagree. Motion graphics-based explainer video with non-figurative elements. You can find the first video here.

A video on behalf of ICF Brussels, produced for the General Online Training platform for the European Solidarity Corps. The video was used as part of the General Online Training for the European Solidarity Corps.


Services provided by our team

  • Storyboard (Orosz Bence)
  • Graphics (Páll Adél, Orosz Bence)
  • Animation (Orosz Bence)
  • Project management: Vicsi Judith

Content: ICF