Psychological First Aid

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Psychological First Aid

An explainer video of the 8 main principles of Psychological First Aid, on behalf of ICF Brussels, based on the material of the educational program of the European Solidarity Corps. The theory is presented through a main character who puts what he has learned into practice, helping a traumatized family.

The whole video can be watched on General Online Training platform of ESC, after free registration.

Services provided by us:

  • Storyborad, graphics (Buzási Gyopár)
  • Animation & editing (Kassay Réka)

Content: ICF

Voiceover: Mark Pillich-Wright



Our client’s feedback


Great production studio, wonderful people, and brilliant animations. We have worked with Zoom Studio a few times in the last couple of years and every time they manage to put together fantastic animations to match our visions. They are always very easy to work with, very flexible, and overall we are just very happy with our collaborations together.

Matthew Clemo
ICF Consultant