Music School of Cluj-Napoca

Commercial Animations

Music School of Cluj-Napoca

The film presents the Sigismund Toduță music school targeted at both children and parents, created in Romanian and Hungarian versions. We worked on the project at the request of Diversity Advertising, in close collaboration with them.

In addition to displaying the most important information, we were given creative freedom: the copywriting, the script, and the concept of the video were all entrusted to us.

The photo collage technique was supplemented with drawn parts, which made the instruments come alive, creating a lovable visual world. In this animation we tried to address children and parents through arts and creativity combined with playfulness.

Our creative team consisted of Buzási Gyopár, Kassay Réka and Vicsi Judith.

The Hungarian version was narrated by Forrai Szerénke.

The Romanian version of the video, narrated by Georgiana Anghel can be watched here.